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CD Genomics is a world-leading company that can provide the best solutions for global customers in the field of human tissue microarrays. We have successfully completed many human tumor tissue microarray projects, and strive to provide the best products and services to customers all over the world.

Tissue microarray (TMA) technology has been widely used in the research of cancer and other clinical diseases. It is a cost-effective and convenient resource that enables researchers to simultaneously study protein localization patterns in a large number of normal and diseased tissues. TMA has solved some sample difficulties encountered in the research. For example, some precious clinical samples are difficult to obtain or take a long time to wait, and it is also difficult to obtain a sufficient number of samples and cases in time. Its application areas are constantly expanding. Currently, tissue microarrays are mainly developed in the two directions of improving production technology and improving sample medical records. Technological innovation has brought a turning point for the breakthrough of the original tissue chip.

Our Feature

We have our own human tumor tissue sample library, which can provide formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue (FFPE) and frozen fresh tissue samples. The tissue types come from the tissues of various human organs, including bone marrow, bones, brain, colon, kidney, lung tissue, liver tissue, lymphatic tissue, skin tissue, and so on. Tumor tissue samples cover a variety of clinical cancers such as stomach cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, and adenoid cystic carcinoma. Our tumor tissue microarray products include two types, which are a single tumor tissue microarray and a tumor tissue microarray containing a control group. Product specifications include 5 cores, 15 cores, 20 cores, 24 cores, 40, 48 cores and other configurations. In addition, different microarray slides are suitable for different experiments. You can customize products with other specifications or different slide according to your needs. All tissue microarray products have been verified by various pathological techniques such as H&E, IHC, ISH, FISH, etc. You can purchase with confidence.

Application of Tumor Tissue Microarray

  • The location of the treatment target;
  • The dynamic changes of each gene and gene expression in different development stages of the disease;
  • Tracking and prognosis of the treatment process;
  • Development of molecular diagnosis of diseases;
  • Development and screening of antibodies and new drugs;
  • The location of the treatment target;

CD Genomics provides high-quality human tumor tissue microarray products and services. We can provide commercial, customized and semi-customized human tissue microarray products and services. Our microarray products can provide a variety of paraffin sections (fixed tissue samples) or frozen sections (fresh tissue samples) microarrays, as well as corresponding microarray image acquisition services, including normal, cancerous and metastatic images. With a large team of scientists and a well-equipped test platform, we are committed to cooperating with customers all over the world to meet your specific requirements. We have comprehensive capabilities to provide a broad and comprehensive portfolio of laboratory and manufacturing services. If you are interested in our products, please email to consult our expert team, please contact us.

Our products and services are for research purposes ONLY. We do not perform any private testing services that are not for laboratory use.
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+ CDMT-24 Adenoid cystic carcinoma tissue array Online Inquiry
+ CDMT-25 Advanced stage of Gastric carcinoma with stomach tissue array Online Inquiry
+ CDMT-26 Age grouped female skin tissue array Online Inquiry
+ CDMT-27 Bladder cancer (stage III-IV) tissue array Online Inquiry
+ CDMT-28 Bladder cancer high density tissue array Online Inquiry
+ CDMT-29 Bladder cancer tissue array Online Inquiry
+ CDMT-32 Bladder cancer with bladder tissue array Online Inquiry
+ CDMT-37 Bladder cancer with matched cancer adjacent bladder tissue array Online Inquiry
+ CDMT-39 Bladder disease spectrum (urocystic cancer progression) with bladder tissue array Online Inquiry
+ CDMT-40 Bone and cartilage malignant tumor tissue array Online Inquiry
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