As a high-quality microarray supplier, CD Genomics is committed to providing breeders and researchers with a variety of powerful genotyping tools and a flexible range to efficiently identify, verify, and screen complex genetic traits in plants and animals. Our agronomics genotyping solutions are helpful for marker-assisted breeding, genome-wide association studies, quantitative trait locus analysis, parent-child relationship and traceability. Our microarray platform provides comprehensive microarray-based analysis services to help our customers conduct related research and reduce research costs. With our time-tested capabilities and expertise, we are confident to provide you with quality services.

Innovative Agricultural Genomics Applications

Agricultural genomics technology is changing the traditional breeding methods of agricultural species and the monitoring mode of large populations. Similar to human genomics research, the application of agricultural genomics also revolves around the concept of genomics, such as the screening of genetic genes (the goal is to achieve the selection of "ideal" characteristics) to the diagnosis (improvement) of diseases. Although the objects of these events have changed from people to crops and farm animals. Agricultural genome analysis requires faster and more powerful technologies, as well as higher sample throughput and multiplexing capabilities, as well as higher automation and reliability. One of the most important methods and tools for genotyping and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis is the microarray, which is convenient, fast and efficient.

Microarray Applied to Agricultural Genomics

We are a biotechnology company dedicated to providing the most comprehensive agronomics-related microarray products. We specialize in the sales of microarray products and provide a variety of products that can be used for genome and genetic analysis. Our genotyping microarray products include multiple types of pre-products suitable for agricultural genomics research, mainly including plant genotyping microarrays and animal genotyping microarrays. Plant genotyping microarrays have great potential in the discovery of polyploidy species and the discovery of new stress resistance gene loci. Animal genotyping microarrays are mainly used in line breeding and variety conservation and can analyze the genetic structure and variation of farm animals. There are also some optional microbial genotyping microarray products that provide research applications as extended disciplines. In addition, we also provide some DNA and RNA methylation microarrays, in conjunction with the research of popular epigenetic breeding concepts. These products are very suitable for customers' agricultural genomics research and development and can be used by global customers to predict, verify and screen the genome features of their interest. Our robust, reproducible, and scalable product series will help you quickly locate and analyze genes and regions of interest.

Agricultural genomics related products. - CD GenomicsFig. 1 Agricultural genomics related products.

Services Applied to Agricultural Genomics

Based on prefabricated, customized and semi-customized microarray products, we also provide analytical testing and data analysis services that are used to promote the development of agricultural-related species. The application of our diversified agricultural genomics solutions in crop breeding is mainly aimed at developing and promoting specific crop varieties to show resistance to different diseases, drought tolerance, rich nutrition and high quality. We have some experience in related crop breeding and livestock production-related projects, such as targeted genotyping and epigenetic analysis solutions. For example, projects that aim to eliminate traits that hinder widespread production and provide a sustainable way for large-scale production can choose our SNP microarray service and Comparative Genomics Hybridization Microarray service. At the same time, using microarray tools, our genomics and transcriptomics solutions can also perform genetic and mutation analysis. These services can promote a better understanding of animal genetic risks and facilitate strategic species selection and breeding decisions to optimize production efficiency. Whether it is cash crops or food crops, these diversified solutions can meet the needs of customers.

CD Genomics is committed to developing more and more convenient microarray tools for agricultural genomics applications and accelerating innovation in agricultural genomics analysis methods. In today's context of continuous global population growth, land pollution (decreased arable land area) and environmental degradation on the environment, ecosystems and agricultural production capacity, the increasing pressure brought about by these challenges has promoted the development of agricultural genomes. At the same time, the crops produced by the multiply sports seed technology are more complex in the genome, which also poses new challenges for the research of agricultural genomics. Driven by complex pressures, how to achieve high yields and effective adversity resistance, the use of limited resources and fewer chemicals, and more sustainable farming methods to achieve high-efficiency agricultural production is imminent. If you have research needs or products that are related to agricultural genomics, please contact us .

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