Disease-specific LncRNA Microarray Service

As a leading service provider in the field of microarray, CD Genomics is committed to designing and developing various useful microarray tools for scientific research and non-clinical research. Our microarray test platform provides a full range of microarray-based disease-related lncRNA measurement and analysis services to help our global customers conduct related research and reduce research costs. With our time-tested capabilities and expertise, we are confident to provide you with quality services to escort your research.

Disease-specific LncRNA Expression Profiling

The coding sequences of some lncRNAs related to disease signal pathways are often located on or near protein-coding genes that are critical to the pathway or disease state. Previous studies mostly focused on the function of a single lncRNA, but many biological functions may be affected by the combined effects of multiple lncRNAs. Therefore, the research on the role of lncRNA in the complex signal pathways related to diseases is becoming more and more important. LncRNA is an important regulator of signal pathways and regulates gene expression at the transcriptional, post-transcriptional, and epigenetic levels. LncRNA regulates gene expression through cis-acting or trans-acting. The cis-regulation at the transcription level includes indirect regulation and direct regulation affecting the conformation of the transcription region. Post-transcriptional regulation is achieved by regulating RNA splicing and RNA stability. Exploring the biological functions affected by lncRNA may help to understand the underlying mechanism of lncRNA in corresponding human diseases.

Overview of the cellular regulation of lncRNAs.
Fig 1. Overview of the cellular regulation of lncRNAs. (Fasolo F, et al. 2019)

Service Process

The use of microarrays in lncRNA research related to signal pathways can shorten the analysis process and expand the analysis field of view. Based on the reported data and the data in the published sequence library, we designed a disease-related lncRNA microarray tool for rapid analysis of disease-related signal pathways. This tool can be used to analyze lncRNA related to signal pathways in cardiovascular diseases and nervous system diseases. LncRNA services related to cardiovascular disease pathways cover common cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, atherosclerosis, and arrhythmia; lncRNA services related to neurological disease pathways cover schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. At the same time, we also provide a single disease targeted analysis service, or you can choose to upload a custom sequence set to form a custom microarray. This service aims to analyze lncRNA and pathway-related target genes in diseases together, to help clarify the relevant pathophysiological regulation mechanisms, and to gain insight into the specific biological pathways of the disease. Our disease-related microarray contains oligonucleotide probes for detecting pathway-focused lncRNA and its potential encoding gene targets, and the probe design contains classic sequences that have been reported in related studies. Each probe includes more than 2 repeats and has high sensitivity. We provide one-stop testing and analysis services, from sample pretreatment, microarray testing to data collection and analysis.

Disease-specific LncRNA microarray service process.
Fig 2. Disease-specific lncRNA microarray service process.

Our Features

  • High sensitivity (limit the number of lncRNA and its coding sequence that may be related to specific pathways or diseases);
  • Experienced one-stop service;
  • Professional bioinformatics team for data analysis and annotation.

CD Genomics provides high-quality microarray tools and convenient and fast detection services for the study of transcription profiles of disease-related signal pathways. We have a large and well-equipped team of scientists who are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world. If you have relevant testing requirements, please contact us for more detailed information.


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