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Small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) is a medium-length non-coding small RNA. Its length ranges from 60 to 400 nt. It binds to nucleolar ribonucleoprotein to form snoRNPs complex. In vertebrates, the coding genes of snoRNA mainly exist in the intron region of the protein-coding gene and are formed to mature nucleolar RNA molecules by transcriptional processing. snoRNA is involved in many biological processes, such as rRNA processing, RNA splicing and translation, and regulation of oxidative stress. snoRNA mainly works through the snoRNPs complex. According to the structure and function of snoRNAs, they can be divided into two categories: box C/D snoRNA and box H/ACA snoRNA1. In addition, there is a special kind of snoRNA - scaRNAs. scaRNAs are specifically expressed in Cajal bodies in the nucleus and have similar C/D box or H/ACA box structures. snoRNA also produces short non-coding RNA fragments similar to microRNAs, which binds to AGO proteins and identifies targeted mRNA sequences to regulate the translation process.

Because the early studies found that snoRNA was mainly located in nucleolus and related to the processing and modification of rRNA, its function was relatively single, so it did not attract attention in the following period of time. However, more and more sequencing data show that snoRNA is generally overexpressed in tumors, and some studies have shown that snoRNA is involved in the process of disease2,3. Many studies have shown that snoRNAs are abnormally expressed in tumors and play an important role in the process of metastasis. The expression level of C/D box snoRNAs often increases with the occurrence of tumors. In addition, snoRNA plays a key role in the occurrence and development of neurodegenerative diseases. snoRNAs are stable in blood, sputum and urine, which have great prospects as molecular diagnostic markers of diseases. Nowadays, snoRNA has become a research hotspot in the field of disease, especially cancer.

Our snoRNA microarray includes 359 snoRNA, 7 snoRNA targeting snRNA and 4 snoRNP complex member mRNA. This snoRNA microarray covers all the snoRNA that can be distinguished by PCR technology, and can detect the expression of snoRNA in tissues, cells and blood quickly and conveniently. It can also be applied to the high throughput screening and validation of disease molecular markers. To ensure data quality, the snoRNA microarray contains eight internal reference genes for data homogenization. The snoRNA microarray also uses RNA Spike-in, PCC and GDC control groups to detect the efficiency of cDNA synthesis, the efficiency of PCR amplification and genomic DNA contamination.

RNA sample requirements

  • Purity: OD 260/280 should be 1.9 ~ 2.2 and DNA should be clearly removed;
  • Integrity: RNA integrity number (RIN) (≥7) and 28S/18S (≥0.7);
  • Concentration: no less than 100ng/µl;
  • Amount: no less than 2µg;
  • Preservation and transportation: RNA is stored in freezing tubes and transported with dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

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