CpG Island Microarray

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CpG Island Microarray

Elucidating the genetic and non-genetic determinants of the complex pathophysiological process of biology is one of the main challenges of biomedical research. In recent years, genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have become an important strategy for studying the complete genetic basis of human complex diseases, helping to crack the secrets of most pathogenic genetic variants. To explore non-genetic variation is to understand the role of epigenetic factors in biological processes. The epigenome is highly dynamic, controlled by complex interactions with genetic and environmental factors. Normal cell function depends on the maintenance of epigenome homeostasis, which further highlights the many reported associations between epigenome perturbations and human diseases, especially cancer.

Our CpG microarray products can meet the needs of global measurement to the greatest extent. The detection range of the probe covers 27,800 CpG islands and about 450,000 methylation sites (approximately 21 Mb). Global analysis of DNA methylation changes that may be associated with key biological processes can be performed. In addition, we also provide corresponding professional software for methylation analysis, which can perform differentially methylated regions (DMRs) and methylation variable positions (MVPs) analysis to meet the personalized analysis needs of scientific researchers.


  • Unique Design. Covers most of the CpG island area, and can also detect some non-CpG island methylated areas. For example, non-CpG methylation sites of human stem cells, differential methylation sites of normal tissues and tumors (various cancers) tissues, CpG islands outside the coding region, and other disease-related regions that have passed GWAS. The probe design is based on the public methylation database and our own database, which can meet most needs and can also customize the product for you.
  • Widely Used. Our products can be used for global analysis of CpG island methylation, and can also be adapted to the personalized analysis of GWASs. We provide characteristic bioinformatics analysis, such as DMRs and MVPs.
  • Cost Effective. High-throughput detection function can save cost, labor, and time.

CD Genomics provides high-quality array products and services for epigenetics and methylation modification research. With a large team of scientists and a well-equipped test platform, we are committed to cooperating with customers all over the world to meet your specific requirements. We have comprehensive design and production capabilities to provide broad and comprehensive services for academic and industrial research. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for more details.

Our products and services are for research purposes ONLY. We do not perform any private testing services that are not for laboratory use.
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+ CDME-7 Human CpG Island Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: The microarray has been designed to maximize coverage and data quality. 237,220 unique probes in or within 95 bp of CpG Islands have been selected, enabling analysis of 27,800 CpG islands covering 21 MB of genome in a single experiment.
+ CDME-6 Mouse CpG Island Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: Mouse CpG microarrays enable a comprehensive insight into the DNA methylation changes that may be correlated to key biological processes. Such processes include cancer, development, genomic imprinting, gene silencing, and chromatin stability.
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