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CD Genomics is committed to providing tissue microarray solutions for global customers in the microarray field. We have completed a large number of histological analysis projects in cooperation with many scientific research institutions, universities, companies and non-clinical research organizations.

Tissue Array Services

Tissue microarray (TMA) is the latest innovation in the field of pathology. It uses many small representative tissue samples from hundreds of different cases. These samples are assembled on a histological slide, so multiple samples can be identified at the same time. Quantitative analysis. The constructed tissue microarray can be used in a variety of techniques, including histochemical staining, immunohistochemistry/immunofluorescence staining, or in situ hybridization of DNA or mRNA. Using this technique, as many as 1,000 or more tissue samples can be arranged into a single paraffin block. It can simultaneously analyze molecular targets at DNA, mRNA and protein levels on a single glass slide under the same standardized conditions, maximizing the preservation and use of limited and irreplaceable archived tissue samples. In addition, TMA technology greatly facilitates in situ analysis. This practical and effective tissue high-throughput analysis tool has a series of potential applications in basic research and drug discovery, helping to identify new targets. This universal analytical technique facilitates retrospective and prospective research.

Construction of a tissue microarray (TMA). (Jawhar N M T, et al. 2009)
Fig 1. Construction of a tissue microarray (TMA). (Jawhar N M T, et al. 2009)

We provide high-throughput analysis services of tissue chip products of different specifications and combinations for histopathology and provide solutions for microarray analysis in animals and plants. We will return the trust of customers with excellent product quality, and provide customers all over the world with the most satisfactory products and services.

Tissue microarray customization and sample testing services. - CD Genomics
Fig 2. Tissue microarray customization and sample testing services.


Available Services

Key Points Description
High-density Tissue Array We provide design and production services for high-density tissue arrays. We can provide customized services for your own samples or high-density microarrays based on our tissue library. We accept tissue array printing orders (to help you organize your own samples into array products), and our high-density tissue microarray service is a good helper for your histopathology.
PDX Model Tissue Array The patient-derived xenograft (PDX) cancer model is a rookie in the field of tumor research, opening up a new animal model for tumor research. Combining TMA technology can greatly improve the utilization of such precious model tissue samples. We provide PDX model microarray customization and analysis and testing services based on the PDX model tissue sample library.
Serial Section Microarray The tissues and organs of experimental animals usually have complex three-dimensional structures. Traditional histological techniques provide good planar resolution and can be used to evaluate complex biological events on the two-dimensional surface of tissues and organs, but they do not provide three-dimensional information. This limitation may affect the understanding of complex histopathology in health and disease. Continuous sectioning solves this problem to a certain extent and provides a solution for histological technology to expand the way of displaying three-dimensional information. We provide microarray solutions for continuous sectioning.
Customized Tissue Microarrays Tissue array is a new type of high-throughput biochip that can integrate tens to hundreds of tissue specimens onto a single glass slide. It revolutionarily supports the simultaneous analysis of multiple diseases and basic research at different stages of plants and animals. The development of TMA technology also provides a certain possibility for the consistency of other histological detection methods and reduces errors, which greatly saves research costs. We provide solutions for the customization of tissue arrays of human, laboratory animal, and plant samples.

CD Genomics  provides high-quality commercial, customized and semi-customized microarray products and analysis&testing services based on microarray products. Our microarray test platform has well-equipped laboratories and a team of highly qualified scientists, and we look forward to cooperating with customers all over the world. We have comprehensive design and production capabilities, and can provide a broad and comprehensive combination of laboratory and manufacturing services. If you are interested in our products and services, please contact us for more details.


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