Human Transcriptome Microarray

CD Genomics is a world-leading company that can provide the best microarray products and solutions for global customers in the field of transcriptomics research. We have successfully completed many related microarray projects and can provide the best products and services to customers all over the world.

Microarray Applications in Human Transcriptomics Analysis

The next generation of expression profiling research provides the ability to go beyond gene-level expression profiling by providing the coverage and accuracy required to accurately detect all known transcripts produced by genes. The development of transcriptomics research is driven by the rapid iteration of new technologies. Recently, microarrays have been widely used in the study of human transcriptomics, such as studying the transcriptome of tissues of different diseases, and even the transcriptome of single cells under different physiological and pathological conditions. Microarrays measure the abundance of a set of specific transcripts by hybridizing with a series of complementary nucleic acid probes. This high-throughput measurement method can analyze thousands of transcripts at the same time, greatly reducing the cost of each gene and saving time and labor.

Our Human Transcriptome Analysis Products

This page contains 3 categories of products. Human Epitranscriptomics Microarray is designed for the next generation of expression profiling research, which can accurately detect all known transcripts produced by genes (including multiple transcript isoforms produced by the same gene). Product features are wide coverage and high accuracy. Human Central Metabolism Microarray systematically analyzes the expression of transcripts encoding enzymes or proteins related to metabolism in cells. Its characteristic is that the probe design selects a series of classic mRNA transcripts encoding metabolic-related protein/subunit sequences. Human Small RNA Biogenesis Proteins Microarray can analyze a series of enzymes and protein factors related to the key pathways of small RNA production. It is a fast and convenient detection microarray, which can be used for small RNA biogenesis, regulation and function, as well as the association analysis with diseases in the research of miRNA, piRNA, siRNA, snoRNA and other small RNAs.

Our Features

Comprehensive Exploration of the Transcriptome. Our nucleic acid probe design is based on several large public transcriptomics databases and our own databases. This feature can fulfill the requirements of global detection.

Multiple Specification Options. We provide microarray products with a variety of specifications and materials to meet various research needs and various cutting-edge microarray equipment.

Equipped with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our microarrays are printed with industry-leading technology and have excellent performance.

CD Genomics provides high-quality human transcriptomics analysis products and services. We can provide commercial arrays, custom arrays and semi-custom array products and services according to your research. We have a large team of scientists and a well-equipped test platform, and we are committed to cooperating with customers all over the world to meet your specific requirements. We have comprehensive design and production capabilities to provide broad and comprehensive services for academic and industrial research. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

Our products and services are for research purposes ONLY. We do not perform any private testing services that are not for laboratory use.
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+ CDMR-4 Human Central Metabolism Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: 384-well plate
+ CDMR-3 Human Epitranscriptomics Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: 384 (4x96)-well plate
+ CDMR-2 Human Small RNA Biogenesis Proteins Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: 384-well (2*192) / plate
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