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It is generally accepted in molecular biology research that basic questions can be searched for answers in the simplest and most accessible system. Due to evolutionary reasons, cells have certain limitations in the basic mode of development. Therefore, using species located at the lower level of the biological complexity ladder to study the common laws of development can obtain some basic universal principles. Therefore, the study of these creatures can help us understand the meaning of the general laws of the world of life, so they are called "model creatures." As a simple template for research, model organisms can not only answer the most basic biological questions in life science research, but also have reference significance for the treatment of certain human diseases.

SNP Microarray and Genetics Research

With the in-depth development of human and animal genome sequencing, genome variation has become a research hotspot. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have become the third-generation genome markers, which are represented by the base conversion (the substitution between A and G or between T and C) and transversion (the substitution between purine and pyrimidine) of a single nucleotide. DNA markers are widely used in basic research (such as phylogenetic analysis and search for useful genes) and applied research (such as marker-assisted breeding, paternity testing, etc.). The application of DNA markers in the identification of the diversity of animal genetic resources and the search for functional variations of related genes. The advantage of SNP microarray is that it can achieve high-throughput and low-cost measurement.

Our Model Organism Genotyping Microarray

Biodiversity is the result of DNA sequence variation and environmental impact. Studies have shown that SNPs are widespread in the genome and have a higher density than microsatellite markers. A series of markers can be found in or near any gene to be studied. Several SNP databases have been established all over the world. For example, NCBI has added dbSNP (Database of SNP). The application of SNP-related technologies will speed up the search for genes and meet the demand for high-throughput assays. CD Genomics provides a variety of Model Organism Genotyping Microarrays for research, including whole-genome SNP chips and CGH microarrays for rats and mice. SNP microarrays for zebrafish, Arabidopsis, nematodes, etc. will be supplemented later. If you have relevant research needs, please contact us.

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