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The screening of microorganisms normally needs to be carried out in dozens of culture bottles or test tubes at the same time. at the same time, making the whole screening process labor-intensive and inefficient. With the development of next generation sequencing (NGS) and DNA microarray technology, microbiome research is now vigorously carried out, resulting in a large number of microbiome data1. CD Genomics microorganisms genotyping microarray can detect archaea, bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa in human and non-human samples. The microarray can deepen the understanding of microorganisms and promote the application of these ideas to human health and agriculture. The results of the microarrays provide abundant information, which is helpful to select the appropriate sample collection scheme and simplify the analysis. The main advantage of the microarray is that it collects more than 12,000 species sequences in the NCBI database and can ease the analysis process. This capability is not available on traditional 16S platform and other platforms. Microorganisms genotyping microarray technology is applied in many aspects, including the detection of known and suspected pathogens from various clinical samples and tissues. It can analyze microorganisms collected from air, soil, and water samples. It provides an economical and efficient capability to identify thousands of species. This solution will help meet the challenge of human microbiome detection, and make a breakthrough in human and animal microbiome research.

DNA Sample requirements

  • Amount: no less than 1 ug for each sample;
  • Concentration: 0.5-50ng/µl;
  • Purity: OD 260/280 should be 1.7 ~ 1.9;
  • Quality: genome should be integral, no degradation, no RNA contamination or other genomic DNA contamination;
  • Preservation and transportation: samples should be transported at low temperature (- 20℃) and sealed with sealing film to prevent contamination.

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  1. Monecke S, et al. (2010). "DNA microarray-based genotyping of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains from Eastern Saxon." Clinical Microbiology & Infection, 14 (6), 534-545.
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Description: Probes designed by synthesizing 16S rDNA/18S rDNA/ITS/functional genes of various microorganisms
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Description: A variety of Microorganisms suspension cultivation arrays can conduct multiple microbial cultivation experiments at one time.
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