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As a leading service provider in the field of microarrays, CD Genomics is committed to the design and development of various effective biological microarrays for scientific research and non-clinical research. Our microarray test platform provides a full range of microarray-based snoRNAs analysis and testing services to help our global customers conduct relevant research and reduce research costs. With our time-tested capabilities and regulatory expertise, we are confident to provide quality services in related testing services to escort your research.

Microarray and snoRNA Expression Profiling

Small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) is a type of conserved nuclear RNA. They play a role in the modification of snRNA or ribosomal RNA (rRNA), or participate in the processing of rRNA during the maturation of ribosomal subunits. It is mainly divided into two categories: cassette C/D snoRNA and cassette H/ACA snoRNA (according to its conserved motif). SnoRNA is a key component of snoRNP (small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein) particles, a highly conserved ribonucleoprotein complex, which is essential for the biogenesis of ribosomes. It can participate in the modification of specific residues of ribosomes and other RNAs and is also important for mRNA splicing, telomere maintenance, and possibly other functions. In vertebrates, snoRNA is mainly encoded by introns. The importance of RNA metabolism in ribosome biogenesis has attracted people's attention and has become an important way to control growth and cell division. It has been found that genetic disturbances in ribosome biogenesis are the cause of many genetic diseases. The snoRNP production defect caused by the mutation of the snoRNA gene or the gene encoding its related protein may have a profound impact on cell metabolism and proliferation.

Classes and Genomic Organisation of Small Nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs).
Fig 1. Classes and Genomic Organisation of snoRNAs. (Kufel J, et al. 2019)

Service Process

Although snoRNPs are abundant, ubiquitous, and highly conserved in their components, there is little information about their expression during development or how their expression changes in diseased states. In recent years, the snoRNA microarray platform has gradually been used to analyze the abundance of snoRNA in different RNA samples. We provide snoRNA analysis and testing services. We can provide prefabricated microarray products or customized printed microarray products. Testing objects include but are not limited to humans and experimental animals. We provide microarrays of different species based on known snoRNA complementary sequences or receive samples to extract RNA and label them as probes and print the microarray. The main service process includes customized service content, microarray design and printing, and microarray testing. You can also upload your sequence for printing.

SnoRNAs analysis service process based on microarray.
Fig 2. SnoRNAs analysis service process based on microarray.

Our Features

  • Personalized service, providing customers with a variety of service options;
  • A complete experimental platform and a strong team of experimentalists can provide one-stop analysis and testing services;
  • Short experiment period, fast and efficient detection, and provide high-quality data analysis services.

CD Genomics provides microarray-based detection services for snoRNA function research. We have a large and well-equipped team of scientists who are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world to meet customer requirements. Customers can directly contact our employees and provide timely feedback on their inquiries. If you are interested in our one-stop solution service, please contact us for more detailed information.


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