High-density Tissue Array Service

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Development of High-density Tissue Array

Tissue microarrays (TMAs) are increasingly used to study large sets of patient tissues, such as those from clinical trials or other well-annotated patient cohorts. TMAs are an increasingly important part of translational research, protecting organizations and reducing costs. TMA has experienced the development of Hector Battifora's "sausage" blocking method, "checkerboard" method, simplified multi-tissue block, and multi specimen tissue block. The current common method of constructing TMA is to use a small trocar to punch a core from a donor paraffin block and deposit it into the "recipient block." The universal size of glass slides limits the development of the number of microarray cores. With technological innovation, the core diameter decreases and the number of cores increases, and high-density tissue microarrays are gradually developed.

Tissue array slides with diverse core size.
Fig 1. Tissue array slides with diverse core size. (Lee H S, et al. 2006)

High-density Tissue Array Service

We provide design and production services for high-density tissue arrays. You can select the appropriate core size to form an array product with the corresponding number of cores. We have a complete animal normal tissue sample library, including the sources of multiple model animals and a variety of organs; a human normal tissue sample library that meets ethical requirements, and a human tumor tissue sample library. We accept tissue array printing orders (to help you organize your own samples into array products), we use cutting-edge tissue array printing technology and equipment and provide slides with a variety of materials and basement membranes for you to choose from. Our high-density tissue microarray service is a good helper for your histopathology.

The high-density tissue array service process of Bio-microarray.
Fig 2. The high-density tissue array service process of Bio-microarray.

Technical Advantages

  • Save valuable organizational resources and maximize organizational utilization;
  • Convenience (Assemble various test/control tissue types into one block and screen for antibody reactivity);
  • Reduce the cost of immunohistochemistry (IHC) and staining changes between different samples;
  • Use the same conditions (including antigen recovery, reagent concentration, incubation time with the primary antibody, and washing time) to process all specimens at once;
  • Uniformity, the same sectioning conditions, such as sample processing time or section thickness.

CD Genomics provides high-quality convenient and fast high-density tissue array services. We have a well-equipped experimental platform, a large and professional team of scientists, and we are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world to meet the needs of our customers. Customers can contact our employees directly and provide timely feedback on their queries. If you are interested in our one-stop solution service, please contact us for more detailed information.


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