Small Molecule Microarray Service

As a trusted supplier in the field of microarrays, CD Genomics is committed to designing and developing various effective biological microarray products and providing corresponding testing services. Our microarray detection platform provides a full range of microarray-based analysis services to help our customers reduce costs while using advanced technologies for related research. We are confident to provide you with high-quality products and high-quality services to accelerate the output of research results.

Small Molecule Microarray

Discovery-driven research using many different chemical libraries, biomolecules, and tissue types is meaningful for large-scale, high-throughput screening. Microarray tools have such characteristics. The precise physical location of each point (or feature) on the array encodes its molecular identity. A library of hundreds to thousands of different compounds is densely arranged on a flat surface to form small molecules microarray (SMM). SMM is used to discover available compounds or molecular fragments. This small molecule fragment also includes peptides and peptidomimetic compounds. The rules for the interaction of immobilized small molecules with targets cannot be as predictable as the base pairing rules for DNA hybridization. Being able to evaluate these high-throughput interactions provides the valuable potential for drug discovery, distinguishing proteins through their interaction patterns, and provides insight into molecular interactions and structure-activity relationships. Moreover, if many substrates are arranged, it provides a functional window for identifying the most preferred substrate for any given enzyme. The biological evaluation of small molecules is an important first step in the drug discovery process. SMMs provide valuable opportunities to screen drug targets to assess high-throughput molecular interactions.

SMM-based screenings.Fig 1. SMM-based screenings. (Wu H, et al. 2011)


Our compound array screening service can be used for testing during the screening and validation phases of drug development. The content of this service includes target library construction, probe preparation, microarray synthesis, microarray detection, data collection and analysis. Our probe library is completed by experienced experts to assist you, and the number of detectable targets can be customized according to your needs. Generally speaking, customized services can achieve partitioned subsets and high-throughput verification. It can also be used for the analysis of new indications of existing compounds, helping the development of drugs, health products and cosmetics. The targets are derived from published data, public databases, and our own databases. You can also upload your sequence. Improve screening efficiency through a series of known small molecule compounds.

Compound development in medicine.

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CD Genomics provides high-quality small molecule microarray tools and convenient testing services for drug discovery. We have a large team of scientists with a solid academic foundation and cooperate with researchers in basic biology and biomedical projects from all over the world. The advantage of choosing an analytical testing outsourcing testing service is that there is no need to consider any other costs (such as equipment and laboratory space), and it saves supervision or management. This advanced technology can quickly turn around and provide reliable results, thereby saving valuable time and resources. Please contact us for more detailed information.


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