Cancer Epitope Discovery Microarray Service

As a leading supplier in the field of microarrays, CD Genomics is committed to designing and developing various effective biological microarray products for non-clinical research and providing corresponding testing services. Our microarray detection platform provides a full range of microarray-based analysis and measurement services to help the development of potential epitopes in anti-cancer vaccines, help our global customers carry out relevant research and reduce research costs. We are confident to provide you with high-quality products and high-quality services to help scientific research.

Anticancer Vaccine Development

In the field of oncology, protein arrays have great potential as tools for identifying cancer biomarkers, especially autoantibody/antigen markers. Tumor-associated antigens (TAA) recognized by the immune system can be used to identify new diagnostic cancer biomarkers and help to better understand the molecular mechanisms involved. Circulating autoantibodies of cancer patients are not only used to identify TAAs that can be used as diagnostic and prognostic markers and potential therapeutic targets, but also represent excellent biomarkers for early detection of tumors and monitoring of therapeutic effects. Protein array technology has played an important role in analyzing autoantibodies in various autoimmune diseases and cancers. In particular, the use of protein microarrays has proliferated as a powerful tool for large-scale testing of biological samples. Screening the immune response to a large number of proteins with high-throughput technology not only helps to improve diagnosis but also has identified autoantibody features that may represent disease subgroups, early diagnosis and facilitated the analysis of vaccine trials. Although the success of finding new reliable markers is gradually decreasing, and some markers currently in clinical use can no longer provide the best sensitivity and specificity. But continue to actively search for new biomarkers for disease diagnosis, prognostic and therapeutic monitoring is necessary.


Tumors exhibit individual cancer mutation profiles with shared "fixed" profiles and patient-specific mutations. The neoantigen derived from the mutation profile can trigger an immune response at a detectable level in the patient's serum. Fingerprint analysis of the antibody profile of the new epitope can accurately distinguish immunogenic mutations from non-immunogenic mutations, which is a prerequisite for the development of high-precision cancer immunotherapy and cancer vaccines. Our cancer epitope discovery microarray service is aimed at this demand, transforming cancer point mutations into personalized peptide microarrays and verifying therapeutic antibodies against tumor-associated antigens. Our new cancer epitope microarray can cover up to 11,000 peptides and provide personalized anti-tumor antibody response analysis within 4 to 7 weeks. The probe sequences are derived from new cancer epitopes, sequencing data or custom peptide lists, etc., up to 5500 different peptides can be printed repeatedly, including control peptides (optional custom control). At the same time, we also provide customized new epitope microarrays for cancer research. The main applications of this service include the discovery of immunogenic epitopes for immunotherapy, the development of personalized cancer vaccines, the monitoring of patient-specific anti-tumor antibody responses, and the discovery of prognostic new cancer epitopes. In addition, new epitope response profiles may be a source of predictive treatment side effects. The emergence of proteomics technology and systematic methods to study the pathophysiology of diseases has brought a stimulating promotion to the discovery of new biomarkers. The antibody response to the new epitope can be compared between treatment responders and non-responder to find predictive biomarkers.

Cancer epitope discovery microarray service process.
Fig 1. Cancer epitope discovery microarray service process.

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CD Genomics provides high-quality microarray tools and convenient detection services for obtaining cancer-related epitope information. We have a large and well-equipped team of scientists who are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world. By choosing outsourcing testing services, your advantage is that you do not need to consider any other expenses, such as equipment, laboratory space, supervision or management. This convenient method can quickly turn around and provide reliable results, thus saving valuable time and resources. Please contact us for more detailed information.


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