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Transfer Ribonucleic Acid (tRNA) is the most abundant short-chain non-coding RNA molecule in organisms. It carries and transports amino acids, participates in protein translation, and is an important bridge between RNA and protein. Although tRNA exists widely in organisms, different genomes have different preferences for specific codons, which lead to different expression profiles of tRNA. Codon preference affects translation efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, changes in tRNA expression profiles have significant effects on many cell physiological processes1. A series of life activities, such as cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis, are accompanied by changes in tRNA levels. In addition, many diseases also show disorders in the level and distribution of tRNA2,3. tRNA is an important messenger between genes and proteins, which functions by binding to specific amino acids. More literature has shown that tRNAs play a regulatory role in cell proliferation, differentiation, metabolism, stress response and many diseases. tRNA modification is dynamically regulated by various tRNA modification-related proteins, which are mutant or dysfunctional, and related to the occurrence of many diseases. The importance of tRNA modification for disease treatment and how these modifications are regulated remain to be further studied. Serial studies have shown that the tRNA spectrum disorder is closely related to pathological activities of tumors, type II diabetes mellitus, Huntington's chorea, H1N1, smallpox and HIV infection. Therefore, the study of the tRNA spectrum is very important for further understanding the physiological and pathological processes of the human body.

For the genes of specific pathway or focus field, PCR chip is the most reliable and convenient method for expression research. CD Genomics released tRNA modification enzymes PCR microarray to facilitate researchers to quickly detect the expression of tRNA modification-related proteins. Referring to the existing literature and authoritative databases (UniProt and Modomics), this microarray contains tRNA modifying enzymes and protein factors, covering all known tRNA modifying enzymes. Each pair of primers on the tRNA microarray has passed strict verification in many tissues and cell lines. The tRNA microarray of CD Genomics can detect the tRNA of humans or mice, covering all the isoacceptors in GtRNAdb database and providing the expression detection at the levels of both isoacceptor and isodecoder.

RNA sample requirements

  • Purity: OD 260/280 should be 1.9 ~ 2.2 and DNA should be clearly removed;
  • Integrity: RNA integrity number (RIN) (≥7) and 28S/18S (≥0.7);
  • Concentration: no less than 100ng/µl;
  • Amount: no less than 2µg;
  • Preservation and transportation: RNA is stored in freezing tubes and transported with dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

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