LncRNA Microarray Analysis Service

As a leading service provider in the field of microarrays, CD Genomics is committed to the design and development of various effective biological microarrays for scientific research and non-clinical research. Our microarray test platform provides a full range of microarray-based lncRNA analysis and testing services to help our global customers conduct related research and reduce research costs. With our time-tested capabilities and regulatory expertise, we are confident to provide quality services in related testing services to escort your research.

Microarray and LncRNA Expression Profiling

Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) is broadly defined as a type of transcript with no protein-coding potential, at least 200 nucleotides long, poor protein-coding ability, and plays a key role in regulating gene expression. The current research on lncRNA in the biological field is mainly to explore the relationship between its biochemical activity and biological function. Thousands of lncRNAs have been identified invertebrates, some of which have been proved to have certain biological functions, but the functions of most other lncRNAs still need to be further studied. More and more evidence shows that in various organisms, the number of lncRNA is greater than the number of protein-coding genes. It has been recognized that lncRNA plays an important role in cancer biology, and abnormal expression in tumors is often observed. The microarray method can detect a series of known sequences. The detection method and data analysis workflow have been established, and it can also be combined with other technical means to broaden the scope of the application.

LncRNA analysis method combined with microarray.
Fig 1. LncRNA analysis method combined with microarray. (Yang L, et al. 2016)

Service Process

Our lncRNA array analysis service is aimed at non-clinical research on humans and model animals and is used for systematic analysis of lncRNA and related protein-coding mRNA expression analysis. We provide industry-leading prefabricated microarray products and custom microarray printing services. The probe design is based on an internationally open professional database and our own database. The detection range covers a large range and the types of samples that can be tested are diverse. Our lncRNA microarray can detect more than 850,000 loci, which can overcome the limitation of low-abundance lncRNA detection. The specific service process is as follows.

LncRNA microarray detection service process.
Fig 2. LncRNA microarray detection service process.

Our Features and Benefits

  • Personalized service, which can adapt to a variety of scientific research needs;
  • Reliable, reliable, and fast process;
  • Low detection limit and wide coverage;
  • High-quality data processing services.

CD Genomics provides you with lncRNA microarray analysis and detection services. We have a large and well-equipped team of scientists who are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world to meet customer requirements. Customers can directly contact our employees and provide timely feedback on their inquiries. If you are interested in our one-stop solution service, please contact us for more detailed information.


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