Protein Binding Microarray Service

As a leading supplier in the field of microarrays, CD Genomics is committed to designing and developing various effective biological microarray products for non-clinical research and providing corresponding testing services. Our microarray test platform provides a full range of microarray-based protein analysis and determination services for DNA-protein interaction research to help our global customers conduct related research and reduce research costs. We are confident to provide you with high-quality products and high-quality services to help scientific research.

Protein Binding Microarray

Protein-DNA binding is the key to specificity in gene regulation. DNA binding proteins can perform many important cellular processes, such as transcriptional regulation, recombination, replication, repair, and DNA modification. Interestingly, transcription factors (TFs) regulate gene expression in a way that is required for normal cell growth and differentiation and response to environmental stimuli through sequence-specific interactions with DNA binding sites. Despite their important significance, the DNA binding specificity of most DNA binding proteins is still unknown, because the existing techniques aimed at identifying DNA-protein interactions are very laborious, not scalable or require restrictive biological reagents. The method of characterizing TFs-DNA binding is critical to the study of regulatory specificity. High-throughput technology has revolutionized our ability to characterize protein-DNA binding by significantly increasing the number of binding measurements that can be performed. Protein-binding microarrays based on DNA microarrays have gradually developed and matured, and can be used to identify the sequence specificity of in vitro DNA binding sites of TF and other DNA-binding proteins or synthetic compounds.

Design of a universal microarray for PBM experiments.
Fig 1. Design of a universal microarray for PBM experiments. (Berger M F, et al. 2006)

Service Process

Based on an advanced technology platform, we provide protein-binding microarray services based on in-situ synthesis. This service process is divided into probe sequence design, microarray detection and data analysis. This service is mainly a customized service, and our team of scientists can assist you with probe design. After receiving the sample, select the appropriate labeling method to prepare the target, the microarray is printed and hybridized with the customer's sample, and after the data is collected, the subsequent bioinformatics analysis is performed. Use the samples you provide for binding determination, use appropriate methods for combined single-color or dual-color detection, and process the harvested image data and signal data.

Screening for protein binding on a microarray can provide the opportunity to study thousands of specific binding sequences in a single experiment. In addition to the detection experiment part, we provide in-depth binding data analysis and other services. The provided data summary report includes background subtraction, control and reference signal guided data processing, and a list of detected signals. The combination of cancer high-throughput capacity and quantitative measurement allows us to quickly and effectively identify high-affinity and highly specific target-binding compounds. These quantitative analyses can be used for gene expression research, immunology research, and vaccine development.

The DNA binding site data harvested from microarray technology is combined with gene annotation data, comparative sequence analysis and gene expression profiling. It can be used to predict which genes a given TF regulates, the function of a given TF and its predicted target genes, and how TF fits into the cell's transcriptional regulatory network.

Protein binding microarray service process.
Fig 2. Protein binding microarray service process.

Our Benefits

  • Strong bioinformatics team, complete data analysis
  • Experienced experimental team
  • Fast throughput and one-stop service

CD Genomics provides high-quality microarray tools and convenient detection services for DNA-protein interaction research. We have a large and well-equipped team of scientists who are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world. By choosing outsourcing testing services, your advantage is that you do not need to consider any other expenses, such as equipment, laboratory space, supervision or management. This convenient method can quickly turn around and provide reliable results, thus saving valuable time and resources. Please contact us for more detailed information.


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