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Microarray Applications in Plants Transcriptomics Analysis

The rapid iterative transcriptomics analysis technology first began in the research of non-human organisms. The development of microarray detection technology has enabled the detection of all transcripts produced by genes, improved coverage and accuracy, and achieved rapid, efficient, and overall analysis of species in a single pass. In recent years, transcriptomics research has addressed basic problems ranging from the detailed study of biological processes at the level of specific cell types to providing insight into plant biology on the evolutionary time scale. In terms of crop improvement, the research on the quality characteristics of rice, wheat, cotton and other food crops and cash crops has always been the focus of agricultural research, involving food security, national security and human well-being.

At present, microarrays have been widely used in plant transcriptomics research to improve the resolution and efficiency of plant functional genomics research. Plant transcriptomics research reveals how plants respond to developmental cues and their environment to better understand the relationship between genes and their products. For example, to study the screening of genes related to stress resistance traits, the study of quantitative traits, the transcriptome study of tissues and even single cells, and so on. Microarrays measure the abundance of a set of specific transcripts by hybridizing with a series of complementary nucleic acid probes. This high-throughput measurement method can analyze thousands of transcripts at the same time, greatly reducing the cost of each gene and saving time and labor.

Our Plant Transcriptome Analysis Products

Bio-microarray can provide microarray products for transcriptome detection of grain crops such as wheat and rice, cash crops such as tobacco, and model plants such as Arabidopsis. The nucleotide probe design of the product is based on several large public databases and our own database. Our microarray products can realize global expression profile analysis. If you have other plant transcriptome analysis needs outside the catalog, you can also customize your personalized chip products. You are welcome to send an email to our expert team.

CD Genomics provides high-quality plant transcriptomics analysis products and services. We can provide commercial arrays, custom arrays and semi-custom array products and services according to your research. We have a large team of scientists and a well-equipped test platform, and we are committed to cooperating with customers all over the world to meet your specific requirements. We have comprehensive design and production capabilities to provide broad and comprehensive services for academic and industrial research. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

Our products and services are for research purposes ONLY. We do not perform any private testing services that are not for laboratory use.
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+ CDMR-13 Arabidopsis Gene Expression Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: As the first fully-sequenced and annotated plant, Arabidopsis thaliana is the model organism of choice in plant biology research and is utilized in agriculture, industry, and human health. The Arabidopsis Gene Expression Microarray is a useful tool for investigating fundamental aspects of growth & development.
+ CDMR-5 Barley Gene Expression Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: Cultivated barley (Hordeum vulgare) is one of the world's most agriculturally and industrially important cereal crops and has generally been considered a classical diploid model for plant genetics. We offer the catalog Barley Gene Expression Microarray to perform global expression profiling in this unique crop plant.
+ CDMR-6 Brassica Gene Expression Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: Brassica genomes are large and complex. This Gene Expression Microarray provides transcriptome-wide coverage of Brassica napus, enabling the study of gene expression profiling at the global level.
+ CDMR-7 Cotton Gene Expression Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: Cotton is the world's most significant textile and oilseed crop and Gossypium hirsutum is the most widely cultivated cotton. Genetic improvement of cotton fiber production for increased yield & quality has major economic impact. Cotton is a model for plant genome evolution, polyploidization and cellulose biosynthesis.Gene expression analysis using highly sensitive Cotton Microarray is a critical tool functional genomic research and breeding.
+ CDMR-8 Medicago Gene Expression Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: Medicago is an important species in legume biology due to its small genome, rapid germination, and prolific seed production.Perform profiling to study global patterns of gene expression & advance your functional research using catalog microarrays.
+ CDMR-9 Rice Gene Expression Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: The Rice Microarray was developed to measure the activity of genes in rice and related cereals. It helps identify varieties with greater tolerance to drought, salt, climate, pests, or planting in less arable lands. Our rice genome microarray provides the genomic clarity needed for significant agricultural advances.
+ CDMR-10 Tobacco Gene Expression Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: The Tobacco Microarray delivers accurate, consistent & efficient gene expression profiling of tobacco samples. Our microarray delivers up-to-date content, with 43,803 tobacco probes, enabling scientists to study gene expression profiling of Nicotiana tabacum samples at the global level.
+ CDMR-11 Tomato Gene Expression Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: The Tomato Gene Expression Microarray delivers accurate, consistent and efficient gene expression profiling of Solanum lycopersicum samples.
+ CDMR-12 Wheat Gene Expression Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: Wheat is one of the world's most important food crops, feeding up to half of the global population. Understanding its growth and development and improving its yield and tolerance to environmental factors is a significant priority. Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Microarray enables wheat transcriptome profiling in response to biotic and abiotic stresses, thus furthering marker-assisted genetic breeding research.
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