Genome-wide Genotyping Service Based on SNP Microarray

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Genome-wide Genotyping

Genotyping allows researchers to explore genetic variations, such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and large structural changes in DNA. The general interest in SNP large-scale genotyping stems from the use of SNP markers for genome-wide association studies that may be able to identify genetic variants that are susceptible to complex diseases. Genome-wide association studies need to genotype hundreds of thousands of SNPs in each individual. Fine mapping of disease-related genes in large genomic regions previously defined by linkage analysis also requires genotyping hundreds or thousands of SNPs. Since multiple genomic targets can cause disease, analysis requires flexibility and accuracy. SNP genotyping data analysis tools can analyze the results of millions of markers and probes and detect sample abnormal values to gain insight into the functional consequences of genetic variation.

In each of the systems, multiple arrays can be analyzed in parallel; thus, there is overlap between the methods of choice for a particular application.

Fig.1 In each of the systems, multiple arrays can be analyzed in parallel; thus, there is overlap between the methods of choice for a particular application. (Syvänen A C, et al. 2005)

Genome-wide Genotyping Service

We provide pre-validated semi-custom genotyping panels and fully custom panels for the genotyping analysis of human, plant, animal, microbial and model biological samples. Our platform uses high-throughput microarray tools to automate whole-genome SNP analysis. Sample types include but are not limited to blood, fresh or fixed tissue samples, and cultured cells.

Genome-wide genotyping can provide an overview of the entire genome so that the entire genome can be discovered and associated. The microarray-based whole-genome genotyping solution we provide can perform whole gene analysis. Our genome-wide genotyping SNP microarray service provides high-throughput genotyping analysis, which can detect a large number of targets and realize the analysis of multiple samples at the same time.

High Throughput Genome-wide Genotyping
  • Number of targets: Genotyping for thousands of targets and/or whole-genome analyses.
  • Number of samples: Genotyping for thousands of samples for hundreds.
An array-based whole-genome genotyping (WGG) analysis has become a powerful method to identify SNP locus analysis in the entire genome, helping researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the genome and the functional consequences of genetic variation. This service is based on microarray whole-genome genotyping (WGG) analysis. Genotyping directly from human gDNA has a high signal-to-noise ratio and can perform accurate and robust genotyping in the case of a complex entire genome. WGG detects the potential of microarray technology. In a single array experiment, each genome can read hundreds of thousands to millions of SNPs.
Advantages of genome-wide genotyping:

  • Provide the most comprehensive view of the genome and expand the scope of discovery;
  • Detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and other variations in the entire genome;
  • Can identify potential pathogenic variants for further targeted research and minimize content restrictions;
  • Fully automated machine processing, good uniformity;
  • Automatic DNA extraction, uniform sample DNA quality control;
  • Our platform provides a variety of facilities and reagent products for microarray detection to meet customer needs;
  • Integrated sample and data quality control;
  • Our service finally issues detailed experimental procedures and data analysis reports, including genotyping reports;

Genome-wide genotyping service process. - CD Genomics
Fig 2. Genome-wide genotyping service process.

Platform Advantages

Eliminates Human Error
  • Our fully automatic system can ensure the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of samples one by one.
Superior Process
  • Get rid of your messy primers and gels. Our microarray platform, which is a more sensitive and high-throughput method for measuring SNP.
Accelerates Your Reseach
  • With our fast, easy, and accurate genotyping, you can reallocate the time and resources you use for genotyping to your research.
  • Your expertise is research and ours is genotyping. From designing an assay for your study to consulting on results, we're always eager to help.
Improve Accuracy
  • We test each allele in duplicate to ensure the accuracy of each mutation. We also run a housekeeping gene with each sample for a consistent yield of DNA.
High Sample Utilization
  • If necessary, we will reserve a part of each sample for future testing.

CD Genomics provides analysis services based on aptamer microarrays. We have an advanced microarray experiment platform, a professional team of scientists, and are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world. Customers can directly contact our employees and provide timely feedback on their questions. If you want to save valuable time and resources, please contact us for more detailed information.


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