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In addition to the methylation of genomic DNA that occurs in the nucleus, which can be used as an epigenetic marker, the methylation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) has gradually been paid more attention. In some studies on mitochondria, varying degrees of methylation modification (less than a quarter of the degree of methylation in the nucleus) have been detected. Mitochondrial function is related to the pathophysiological processes of neurological diseases and some metabolic diseases. For example, mitochondrial dysfunction plays a key role in cancer development and related treatment responses. Mitochondrial dysfunction in a wide range of human malignancies indicates that targeting mitochondria is still a promising way to develop new cancer treatment strategies. The data shows that the mitochondrial genome is largely methylated at non-CpG sites.

The Key to Mitochondrial Methylation Detection

The circular double-stranded structure of the mitochondrial genome is similar to that of the bacterial genome. Different from the nuclear genome is its complex secondary and tertiary structure, which will make the detection of mitochondrial DNA methylation more difficult. The secondary structure of mitochondrial DNA may prevent the bisulfite conversion step, leading to false-positive methylation values.

Map of the human mitochondrial genome.
Fig 1. Map of the human mitochondrial genome. (Mechta M, et al. 2017)

The current mtDNA detection strategy is mainly the bisulfite method. However, unlike nuclear genomes, other methods can be used to unravel the secondary and tertiary structure of mtDNA. Accurate fragmentation is the key to the detection of mitochondrial DNA methylation, and the optimization of this step can ensure high quality and reliable methylation value. Avoid the low bisulfite conversion efficiency due to the circular ring structure of mtDNA, which will cause the increase of methylation measurements.

Mitochondrial DNA Extraction Use the classic DNA extraction method of organelles. Collect the minimum amount of nucleic acid required for bisulfite modification (2μg concentration).
Linearization Enzyme digestion and ultrasonic treatment were used to achieve the best linearization. The application of enzyme digestion (BamHI restriction endonuclease) can break the loop of mitochondrial circular DNA, further ultrasonic treatment can make it fragment, unravel the secondary and tertiary structure, and facilitate the subsequent conversion of bisulfite.
Bisulfite Conversion Use the sulfite conversion kit.
MeIP Purification and enrichment using immunological methods.
Detection Microarray hybridization detection.

Mitochondrial DNA Methylation Detection Service - CD Genomics
Fig 2. Mitochondrial DNA Methylation Detection Service.

Sample Delivery Requirement

  • We can detect a variety of samples such as tissues, cells, blood, etc. If you provide pure mtDNA samples, the sample concentration should not be too low;
  • Samples need to be sent at low temperature;
  • Multiple samples need to be distinguished, and you need to provide a sample number to distinguish.

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