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5-formylcytosine (5-foc) and 5-carboxycytosine (5-cac) have shown potential regulatory effects in the field of epigenetic modification. As more transient intermediates in the DNA demethylation pathway, 5-foC and 5-caC are further oxidized derivatives of 5-hmC. The methylated cytosine in the genome is not a stable DNA modification. Methylation and methylation seem to show circular "circular" characteristics. Studies have shown that 5-mC derivatives (5-hmC, 5-foC, and 5-caC) have potential functions in various cellular processes. With the emergence of the important position of methylation modification in tumors and other diseases, the process of methylation modification has received more and more attention. The abundance of 5-foC and 5-caC in the genome is about 40 to 1000 times lower than that of 5hmC. This function further increases the difficulty of quantitative detection. The 5-foC and 5-caC methods are also derived from 5mC. The functions of 5-foC and 5-caC need to be further studied.

Detection strategy of methylcytosine derivatives.
Fig 1. Detection strategy of methylcytosine derivatives.

Our Service

CD Genomics provides obvious methylated cytosine testing services, including 5-foC and 5-caC testing services. Our laboratory adopts industry-leading methods and technologies, and our experimental platform has first-class testing equipment, experienced laboratory personnel, and many years of experience in testing services. To protect your scientific research needs. At the same time, our experienced analysis experts can cooperate with the team of experimenters for subsequent data analysis and provide you with end-to-end services. Choose our customized service to provide you with high-quality solutions. You can send samples to us for testing. The samples that can be tested include pathological tissues, cultured cells, blood samples, etc. We use immunological methods to detect 5-foC and 5-caC. The specific detection process and method are shown in the figure below (Figure 2).

Detection process based on immunoprecipitation.
Fig 2. Detection process based on immunoprecipitation.

Sample Delivery Requirement

  • The minimum DNA concentration required for methylation detection is 2 ug, so whether it is a cell, blood, and tissue sample, the sample volume must not be too small;
  • Samples need to be sent at low temperature;
  • Multiple samples need to be distinguished, and you need to provide a sample number to distinguish.

Our Advantages

  • One-stop solution: the entire analysis and testing process from sample processing to data molecules.
  • Advanced testing equipment: The bio-microarray experimental platform has industry-leading experimental equipment, including fluorescence microscopes, microarray scanning equipment, data analysis software, and so on.
  • Short cycle time: Our high-throughput testing method can greatly shorten the detection time and shorten the detection cycle.
  • A strong team of experts: Our team of experts has many years of experience in biomedical experiments.

Featured Technology

  • Multi-channel design. We adopt a variety of methods and technology combinations to meet the diverse needs of customers.
  • High-throughput assay. Our platform can achieve high-throughput measurement to meet your wide-range measurement needs.
  • Excellent data processing team. Our expert team has many years of experience in testing services to escort your experiments.

CD Genomics provides high-quality DNA methylation microarray screening services. We have a well-equipped experimental platform, a large and professional team of scientists, and we are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world to meet the needs of our customers. Customers can contact our employees directly and provide timely feedback on their queries. If you are interested in our one-stop solution service, please contact us for more detailed information.


  1. Shen L, Song C X, He C, et al. Mechanism and function of oxidative reversal of DNA and RNA methylation[J]. Annual review of biochemistry, 2014, 83: 585-614.
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