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As a supplier of high-quality microarray tools, CD Genomics is committed to developing more high-quality customized products and services for genomics research. We provide suitable solutions for genomics research in the fields of biology and medicine. Our strong reserve of professional technical knowledge and well-equipped testing service platform can help our customers conduct relevant research and reduce research costs. Welcome to choose us to explore more possibilities of genomics research.

High-throughput Microarray Tools in Genomics Research

The advent of microarray technology has revolutionized the nature and scope of genetic and genomic research in humans and other species by allowing large-scale parallel analysis of thousands of genomic loci. Our products and technical service platform help advance the work of researchers through microarray analysis, and researchers around the world will benefit from the wide application of this method. Our microarray products can be used for genomics analysis and research including animals, plants and microorganisms. The development and application of Omics technology has also developed rapidly along with the advancement of molecular analysis technology. When using the revolutionary omics technology of microarray to analyze gene expression, a single experiment can generate a very large amount of raw data, data annotations in the form of sequences, genes, proteins, metabolites, or SNP lists. The acquisition of this information can be achieved through CD Genomics's innovative products, tools and resources. Specifically, our products cover all aspects of basic research and industrial applications, including breeding, population diversity, trait analysis, medical research and development, etc. Our innovative microarray products can be used for many purposes, such as transcriptome analysis, CNV detection, SNP and CNV genotyping, studying DNA-protein interactions, and detecting genome methylation.

With the development of high-throughput genome analysis tools, many genomic regions are allowed to be analyzed at the same time, completely changing the pattern of genetic and genomic research. A microarray is defined as a collection of thousands of probes attached to a solid surface (such as glass, plastic, or silicon slides), where each spot contains a small amount (picomolar) of a specific sequence. Genomics research is not only focused on the information of genes themselves. With a predetermined number of thousands of probes, a single array can perform large-scale parallel high-resolution analysis of many genetic loci. The principle of the microarray products used in genomics research is clear. Hybridization is performed through the complementarity between the target and probe sequences, and complex laser instruments are used for fluorescence or chemiluminescence detection and analysis of hybridization signals. At present, mature microarray products have entered clinical related applications, including prenatal and postnatal diagnosis and genetic testing. Our SNP microarray, CNV microarray and other high-quality products can support scientists around the world to complete genomics research.

Bioinformatics in Microarray Data Analysis

Advances in technology and informatics for generating and processing large biological data sets are driving the development of biomedical scientific research in a more comprehensive direction. The rise of interdisciplinary data integration strategies has become a powerful force that supports a better understanding of biological systems and ultimately the successful development of precision medicine. The significance of bioinformatics for understanding data is to be a better "scaffold", helping researchers to link specific genes with susceptibility to various human diseases. At the same time, genomics plus bioinformatics and biostatistics conduct in-depth analysis of the acquired information to maximize the utilization of data, which saves time and is extremely valuable for the analysis of precious samples. As other fields of biomedical sciences, including genomics, epigenomics, and pharmacogenomics, are moving towards the scale of omics. More and more human diseases have been proven to have some sequence changes, and our genomics characteristic service can be applied to drug development. For example, we provide microarray-based toxicological genomics services, etc. These services are supported by our powerful technology platform and bioinformatics team. Welcome to choose us to discover more possibilities.

Explore and discover more CD microarray genomics microarray products and services. - CD GenomicsFig. 1 Explore and discover more CD microarray genomics microarray products and services.

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