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Copy Number Variation (CNV) is a genomic alteration that can lead to abnormal copies of one or more genes, usually caused by structural rearrangement. Similar to SNP, some CNVs are associated with disease susceptibility. With the deep excavation of the human genome, many studies have found that CNV is one of the most important mutations driving carcinogenesis, and plays an important role in cancer research1. Copy number analysis plays an increasingly important role in cancer diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options. Individual differences can lead to different drug reactions. Understanding the common variations in genes encoding drug metabolic enzymes and drug transporters can predict the impact of individual genetic variations on metabolic capacity, which can help shorten the drug discovery process, thus greatly facilitating scientific research. CD Genomics offers various genotyping microarrays for scientific research in cancer, cytogenetics and pharmacogenetics. CD Genomics's copy number variation microarray can convert CNV into high resolution reference atlas. Our main application fields include genome-wide SNP typing, genome-wide CNV typing, genome-wide association analysis and genome-wide linkage analysis, which can help study the copy number. Our microarray can cover all the cytogenetics-related genes associated with high disease risk, and contains millions of non-polymorphic CNV probes for detecting copy number variations, of which about 200,000 are for detecting known copy number variations. In addition to detecting these known copy number polymorphic regions, around 700,000 probes were evenly distributed throughout the genome to detect unknown copy number variation regions. SNP and CNV probes are highly dense and evenly distributed throughout the genome. They are used as tools for detecting copy number variability and loss of heterozygosity (LOH) to detect tiny chromosome increases and deletions. Copy number variation microarray is a powerful tool for researchers to improve the possibility of discovering genes related to complex diseases. The microarray-based method is very effective for the detection of new CNV and can provide reliable large-scale analysis. With this method, you can analyze genetic variations such as amplification, deletion, rearrangement and LOH of copy neutral.

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CD Genomics offers high-quality services in genome SNP genotyping. CD Genomics provides a variety of DNA microarray solutions for CNV detection to facilitate pathogenic mutation detection. We can provide commercial chips, customized chips and semi-customized chip services of Copy Number Variation Microarray. With a large and well-equipped scientist team, we are dedicated to collaborating with our clients around the world to meet your specific requirements. We have comprehensive capacity and capabilities to provide a broad and integrated portfolio of laboratory and manufacturing services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Szuhai, Károly, et al. (2015). "Microarray Techniques to Analyze Copy-Number Alterations in Genomic DNA: Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization and Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Array." Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 135(10), e37.
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+ CDMD-88 Human CNV Microarray Online Inquiry
Description: Human CNV Microarrays provide high-resolution optimized probe design to enable genome-wide CNV identification and characterization.
+ CDMD-89 Human Chromosomal microarray Online Inquiry
Description: The chromosomal microarray is an effective tool for genome-wide DNA copy number variation profiling without amplification or complexity reduction.The Human Genome CGH Microarray is designed with 13 KB genome-wide median probe spacing and enhanced coverage on known genes, promoters, miRNAs, PAR and telomeric regions. The probe is designed to optimize sensitivity and precision, and the system contains a range of internal quality control features.
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