Targeted Genotyping Service Based on SNP Microarray

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SNP Microarray and Targeted Genotyping in Molecular Breeding

Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) microarrays can be used to measure DNA polymorphisms and dose changes. Further technological developments have enabled SNP arrays to simultaneously analyze changes in signal intensity and changes in allelic composition. The advantage of SNP microarray is that it can simultaneously detect a large number of DNA polymorphism sites in a simple manner. The robustness of the SNP genotyping system based on multiple microarrays depends on the reaction principle applied to the identification of SNP alleles and the microarray format used.

In the field of molecular breeding, compared with simple sequence repeat (SSR), SNP is the most abundant and stable genetic variation in the genome. SNPs that are widely present in genes or regulatory regions are usually used as biological markers for identified genes related to important traits. SNP has a particularly important application in reflecting the natural genetic variation and genetic drift produced by breeders in the process of variety improvement. Therefore, SNPs are ideal markers for genetic background analysis because they have advantages in high-throughput detection and easy integration of genotyping data. At present, the construction of DNA fingerprints of germplasm or varieties based on SNP markers has been successfully used in a variety of crops using microarray technology.

Targeted Genotyping Service Based on SNP microarray

When whole-genome genotyping is impractical or unnecessary, targeted genotyping methods provide a cost-effective alternative. Targeted genotyping can save laboratory resources and cover rare variants more deeply. We provide microarray-based targeted genotyping solutions that can target exomes or focus on specific genes of interest for analysis.

The SNP microarray used in this service includes customized targeted genotyping panels and semi-custom panels for the analysis of human, plant, animal, microbial and model biological samples. Our targeted genotyping microarray service can analyze healthy/diseased/processed samples from humans, animals, plants and microorganisms. Sample types include but are not limited to blood, fresh or fixed tissue samples, and cultured cells.

Low/Medium Throughput Targeted Genotyping
  • Number of targets: Genotyping of hundreds to thousands of targets;
  • Number of samples: Genotyping of hundreds of samples;

The targeted genotyping service provides prefabricated SNP microarrays based on the principle of allele-specific oligonucleotide hybridization to support low/medium throughput SNP genotyping analysis. This service can be used for allele identification in genotype and somatic mutation analysis, virus subtype identification, and potential mutation analysis in regions of interest. The target set of microarray products corresponding to this service is small, and the analysis of small sample sets can be realized. A small number of carefully selected marker SNPs, as a marker for a wider range of common variation patterns or haplotypes, can be used to map most of the genetic variation between individuals.

Advantages of Targeted Genotyping:

  • Allow researchers to focus their time and expense on specific areas of interest;
  • Provide cost-effective solutions with shorter turnaround time;
  • Generate smaller and more manageable data sets, thereby reducing the burden of data analysis;
  • The field of molecular breeding has broad application prospects;
  • Fully automated machine processing, a variety of microarray detection facilities and reagent products are available;
  • Integrated sample and data quality control;
  • Provide detailed experimental procedures, original data and final genotyping reports;

Flow chart of targeted genotyping services.- CD Genomics

Fig 1. Flow chart of targeted genotyping services.

Platform Advantages

The advantages of our microarray detection platform. - CD Genomics
Fig 2. The advantages of our microarray detection platform.

CD Genomics provides analysis services based on aptamer microarrays. We have an advanced microarray experiment platform, a professional team of scientists, and are committed to cooperating with researchers from all over the world. Customers can directly contact our employees and provide timely feedback on their questions. If you want to save valuable time and resources, please contact us for more detailed information.


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